Website Layan K-Drama

hye everyone.

Since I became U student, my friends always asked for K-drama from me.. I prefer download than watching online cuz sometimes wifi was suck...

Now, half of my laptop storage was full because of K-Drama. about 105GB. crazy right.. Now, semester break and i have to spend my time watching K-Drama (marathon of course) and delete all of them...

Okay back to my main topic.. actually there are a lot of sites you can watch k-drama.. one of my favourite ,

Cool bebeh

they will update as soon as the episode release... But for eng sub, you have to wait for a day.. sometimes a few hours or you can watch the raw one (if and only if you learn Hangul)

if that site didnt work , here another site.


But but but if you want to download these drama and the same time you want to save your storage, i would recommend you Drama-cool.

byee and have a nice day